Dr. Babol is an outstanding healer! Donna had been treated at the Wound Clinic and had undergone surgeries to treat an open wound. Finally, she was scheduled for an above-the-knee amputation and was attending classes on how to function without a leg. During that time, Donna broke a bone in her foot and was sent to Dr. Babol at the Hayden foot and ankle office. She saw the wound and began treating it. Within months the wound was entirely healed.

Donna O’Reilly

I feel Dr Babol is the best foot and ankle doctor in Spokane. I have been to Rockwood clinic for my feet in the past and by far Dr Babol is the best and her staff is great.

Regan la rue

I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of the Patient Satisfaction Survey, from the care I received from Dr.Babol and her medical assistants to the arranging of my next appointment scheduling.

Ilene Lacey

I rate Dr. Babol and her office staff above average in all aspects. I am satisfied with the result of my visit. Keep up the Good Work.

Pete Munk

I am extremely satisfied with the convenience of hours and the length of time between my appointments and my next visit. I would be happy to recommend Dr. Babol’s office to my family and friends.

Chuck Post

I am satisfied with my treatment from Dr. Babol, her office staff & medical assistants. I would highly recommend her office to any everyone I know.

Kurt S. Lacy

Referred here by my family doctor and found the staff to be very personable and hands on. That was a difficult time in my life and couldn’t have been in better hands of healing. Thank you Dr. Babol and staff.

Scott Green

I have been going to Dr. Babol for about six years. Before that I went to a doctor much closer to home but was not real happy with the service. Since I have been going to Dr. Babol I am very happy with the service and staff and it is well worth while driving the extra miles.

Fred Woeller

The appointment was on time. The Dr. did a procedure the first appt. instead of making me come back again. I purchased some shoes which fit perfectly.

Gretchen Mau

Dr. Babol and her staff really know what they are doing when it comes to our families foot issues. She and her staff are very thorough with each examination. We all would recommend her.

Julie Elkins

You guys are THE BEST! The experience I have had in this office was OUTSTANDING! It is fun to be a patient here! The doctor and receptionist and EVERYBODY has a great personality and I love’em! Ya really I do!

Margie Hemming

I went to see Dr. Babol regarding tingling and numbness in my lower extremities. Although I have only been to the office twice, I was delighted in how quickly I was able to get in, the very friendly and helpful staff and the in-depth medical history taken by Dr. Babol. While we are still working on a diagnosis and solution, I feel confident they are listening to my concerns and will do their utmost to return me to peak health.

Connie Nelson

They do an awesome job! I had foot surgery done by Dr Babol.

Trina Cook

I took my son in for what I thought might be a foot/ankle issue. It was easy to make an appointment and we didn’t have to wait a long time either. The staff was friendly.
The doctor was very knowledgeable. We discussed the issues that were foot related and she directed me to another doctor to help w/the issues that seemed to be more hip related.

Rachel Blom

I came away feeling confident that my foot problems will be taken care of efficiently and quickly. Office had some state of the art equipment! I came upon this practice quite by accident, and feel happy that i came here.

Deena Romoff

I was thoroughly impressed with my experience the staff was extremely helpful and pleasant to be around, and the environment was so friendly and welcoming.

Robert Leach

Always a great experience. The staff is wonderful and always pleasant. The Dr. Is very knowledgeable and has a great sense of humor. Thanks for all you do.

Jamie Anderson

They are very nice and helpful. Answered all my questions and concerns when I had them. I would so recommend using them for your needs! ^.^

Stephanie Jameson

I am in doctors offices all day long and from my first visit to Dr. Babol’s, she made me feel apart of of the health care team servicing my clients and their special needs. Thank you for being a great and caring provider.

Mary Rolland

This place is superb, from Dr. Babol to the kind and friendly staff! I’ve had several visits with 1 successful surgery and am absolutely confident with them. Dr. Babol and staff have worked on my feet, thoroughly explaining what I have, the process and answering all my questions. Wait times are almost non existent. You show up, are seen and finished in a timely manner. I strongly recommend choosing Dr. Babol as your podiatrist.

Jake C.

Dr Babol is the most caring doctor I’ve ever known. She treats my diabetic neuropathy very thoroughly. She has a great staff that take care of the patients before the doctor sees us. I highly recommend her for all your foot problems. The doctor has the shortest waiting time once you check in for your appointment.

Patty Moss

Only place I trust with my daughter, Dr Jacqueline is the best in the area.

James Carbis

I am extremely satisfied with all aspects of The Foot & Ankle Clinic of Spokane from the service of the front desk to the excellent treatment from Dr. Babol’s medical staff.

Alex McNack

I am extremely satisfied with the appointment scheduling as well as with Dr. Babol’s treatment and recommendations along with the care I received from her assistants. I would prefer more Guy’s Hunting magazines as well as more coffee. Overall, Doctor Babol and her staff are good people.

Darell Van Komen

I give Dr. Babol and her staff a Five Star rating. Without my ankle surgery in 2010, I would be in a wheelchair and in constant pain. Dr. Babol was the only doctor who would do surgery on my ankle. She is always accommodating as possible. I enjoy my visits and I enjoy the entire team. I just love Dr. Babol.

Melanie L. Hayes

I rate Dr. Babol’s office as extremely satisfied with the care I’ve received from her assistants as well as with doctor’s treatment and recommendations. I am extremely satisfied with appointment scheduling. The convenience of the hours and the length of time between the office call for my next appointment is above average as well as the care I’ve received from the front desk. My wait time was above average as well. Everyone here is friendly, fast and knowledgeable. Thank you for your help!

Colleen Miller

I am extremely happy with the convenience of the hours and the length of time between appointment and when scheduled to be seen. I also am extremely happy with the care received from front desk as well as the care from your assistants. I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Babol, her treatment and recommendations. I am happy with the amount of waiting time. I would highly recommend you to others as well as return myself. I was overall satisfied with my results.

Mellissa Krashowetz

I am extremely pleased with the convenience of the hours and the length of time between your call for the appointment and when scheduled to be seen. I am extremely satisfied in my care received from your front desk and with your medical assistants. I am happy with Dr. Babol and her treatment of me & her recommendations. I would highly recommend your practice with others because I was satisfied with my outcome.

Linda R. Nestor

I am extremely satisfied with doctor and her treatment and recommendations for me. For the remainder of the Patient Satisfaction Survey, I rate all other aspects of her office and staff as above average.


I rate Dr. Babol’s office as” above average” in all categories. I am satisfied with my results and wil return as well as recommend her practice to others.

Betty L. Frazier

I am extremely satisfied with every aspect of the Patient Satisfaction Survey. Exceptional professionalism; Thank-you, Dr. Babol and staff, I in fact, look forward to my next scheduled appointment with decisive result.

Hal Olsen