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Foot and Ankle Clinic in Kellogg, ID – We provide advanced medical and surgical treatment for the foot and ankle, as well as expert care, diagnosis, and treatment of foot and ankle disorders for children, adults, and seniors. We offer the latest techniques and advancements in foot and ankle treatment in Kellogg, ID. If you suffer from foot/ankle health issues, heel pain, diabetic foot/wound care issues, need care for foot/ankle injuries, sports related injuries, or are looking for superior custom orthotics, you’ve come to the right place. With the experience and knowledge of our staff, you can be confident that you are pursuing the best solution for your foot and ankle concerns when you step into Foot & Ankle Clinic in Kellogg, ID. Our Foot and Ankle Doctor dedicated to providing the best in comprehensive, compassionate foot care. Feel free to call us at 208-762-0909 with your foot and ankle health questions, e-mail us, or request an appointment.

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Medical and Surgical Treatment of the Foot and Ankle in Kellogg, ID