Quality Orthopedic Shoes

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Our Podiatrist & Certified Pedorthist owned shoe store specializes in the proper selection, fitting and customizing of proper footwear. We carry a variety of shoe wear that fit for your activities and diagnoses:

Achillies Tendinitis • Arthritis • Bunions • Flat Feet • Hammertoe • Cavus Foot • Claw Toe • Club Foot • Diabetic Foot • Lymphedema • Mallet Toes • Heel Pain • High Arches • Matatarsalgia • Plantar Fasciitis • Polio • Psoriasis • Trauma

We carry running, walking, leisure walking, work shoes, evening wear and beach wear. Our shoe store carries the following name brand shoes: NEW BALANCE, BROOKS, HUSH PUPPIES, KLOGS, PW MINOR, and much more.

We offer in-house pedorthic services. We have our own equipment to scan your feet to create a custom orthotic device. Because of this our turnaround time is 50% faster.

Rigid Orthotics


Rigid orthotics are inserts that change the way the foot functions. They are made by taking a plaster cast of the foot or using high-tech methods such as a laser system or bearing foam.

Inserts can be used to prevent extreme overpronation, make uneven limbs level (when wearing shoes), and reduce pain in the lower back and upper legs.

Soft Orthotics


Designed to absorb shock and reduce pressure in key points of the foot and ankle, soft orthopedic inserts are made from soft, flexible materials: foam, cork, leather, rubber, polymer.

Used to treat plantar fascitis, runner’s knee, cavus foot (high arch), and special foot problems associated with diabetes.

Semi Rigid Orthotics

ORTHOPEDIC INSERTS – Semi Rigid Orthotics

Designed to reinforce balance and agility in the foot and ankle. They are largely used by athletes or people who exert an above-average amount of stress on the bones of their feet. These orthotics are generally made from alternating layers of soft and firm material.

Usually sport-specific. Also used by people who are required to be on their feet all day.

Benefits of Orthotics

Our custom orthopedic shoes accommodate every contour and feature of your foot; not only precise foot length and width, but other profiles as well – arches, ankles, heels and toes, bony prominences, pressure points, sensitive areas and other conditions.
People with diabetic ulcers, deformed toes, collapsed arches, digital amputation, bunions, calluses, charcot, hammertoes and other deformities will find our custom details unbelievably accommodating. A full-contact custom insert provides better balance and proper support. We offer a double orthotic system, featuring depressions in both the insert and shoe to reduce pressure on sensitive areas and improve mobility.

Quality Orthepedic Shoes for Kids

Our custom children’s orthopedic shoes come equipped with padded midsoles and wide toe boxes, with additional depth to comfortably house full-contact custom inserts, providing better balance and proper support. Our shoes accommodate every contour of a child’s foot – not only precise foot length and width, but other profiles: arches, ankles, heels, toes, bony prominences, pressure points, and sensitive areas. Whether you are looking for a sneaker, boot, dress shoe or sandal, we are sure to find the perfect orthopedic shoe for your child.