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Signs You Have an Ankle Sprain
By Foot and Ankle Clinic
March 05, 2020
Category: Podiatry
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If you suspect that you have an ankle sprain, then you need to see a doctor for care.

Think about all the force your ankles take on every day, especially when standing, walking, or participating in sports. Therefore, it’s not surprising that ankle injuries are incredibly common, particularly amongst athletes. So, how do you know whether you are dealing with an ankle sprain or a separate issue such as a fracture? Well, your podiatrist, Dr. Jacqueline Babol of Foot and Ankle Clinic in Spokane Valley, WA, Hayden, ID, and Kellogg, ID, can provide you with the diagnosis you’re looking for.

The Warning Signs of a Sprained Ankle

First, it’s important to understand what problems and symptoms warrant visiting a foot doctor in the first place. Here at our practices in Spokane Valley, WA, Hayden, ID, and Kellogg, ID, we can diagnose and treat a wide range of ankle problems, so if you suspect that you might have a sprained ankle, you’ll be in good, healing hands.

The pain and symptoms of a sprained ankle will vary based on the severity of the injury and which ligaments have been affected. Pain and swelling can range from mild-to-severe enough to affect ankle mobility. Of course, any kind of sudden ankle pain or swelling should be examined by a foot care professional.

Other warning signs of an ankle sprain include,

  • Bruising and tenderness of the ankle
  • Ankle stiffness or pain with movement
  • Ankle instability or weakness, especially when walking
  • A popping sound when walking

Symptoms of an ankle sprain are often similar to a broken bone, which is another reason why you should visit a doctor before trying to treat the condition on your own. If an ankle sprain isn’t treated it may not heal properly, resulting in long-term ankle pain and instability.

What causes an ankle sprain?

Any movement or injury that stretches, tears, or damages the ankle ligaments can lead to a sprain. This includes a bad fall, a traumatic blow to the ankle, or a sports-related accident. Even something as simple as ankle overuse can lead to tears in the ligaments and muscles that over time can result in injury. Those who have had ankle sprains in the past are also at risk for sprains in the future, so it’s also important to take necessary precautions to protect your ankles from future damage.

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