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Finding Natural Way to Decrease Inflammation

Inflammation is a normal and beneficial process protecting you from bacteria and viruses, and can lead to trouble when the inflammatory response gets out of control. Anti-inflammatory medications (like ibuprofen, aleve, etc.) can cause a variety of stomach issues and interact with other medications, especially with long term use. Decreasing inflammation naturally may take longer compared to a prescription medication, but the long-term benefits and safety outweigh the cons. Tumeric, cloves, cinnamon, oregano, ginger, rosemary as well as juices (like aloe vera juice), consumed a small amount every day has been found to be significantly effective at suppressing the inflammatory response. Avoid refined sugar, processed foods and trans fats, and replace processed foods with whole, organic foods.

There are also non-invasive ways to treat inflammation in specific areas, for example: low level laser therapy and platelet rich plasma injections to aid the body’s natural healing of injuries and reduce the need for medication and/or surgery.

Please consult with our doctor before trying any supplements or therapy.

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